Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Hi again,

I want to move now I don't want to wait until August or July or whatever. Brooklyn better be ready for this Canadian lol

Kaius says cat now, so freakin cute and he's still saying OH MAN maybe even a little bit clearer now. We chopped off all his hair... he looks like a completely different kid, so grown up, maybe I'll post a picture. I can't wait until I get to be at home with him... he gets so upset when I leave for work in the morning, even tho he has his daddy all day.

It's our two year wedding anniversary is soon. We are going to Joe Fortes for dinner and Sandra is going to watch Kaius, we might go once he's a asleep. Just to make things a bit easier but we'll see... he likes it at Sandra's and they both like each other so I think it will be great. We haven't gone out together without the kid since he was born, it will prolly feel really wierd lol

I need to get a haircut... I'm going to grow it out but this in between stage lasts so long when you start with really short hair... so I'm going to leave the top long bit and but the back and sides short again and then keep doing that until the long hairs cover up the areas that I would normally cut short... make sense?

I'm off to make dinner... bagel and scrambled egg... yum


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